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Tomislav Zografski (1934 - 2000)

The composer Tomislav Zografski is one of the knights of the Macedonian music culture, and he is a representative of the generation of Macedonian music authors who during the 60’s brought the domestic music values closer to the world mainstream. He is the first composer to introduce the stylistic characteristics of neoclassicism in the Macedonian music. In the same time, in his works he cherished the feeling of the great ethical values of the Macedonian folk antiquities, especially from urban provenance. Zografski kept this feeling during his entire life.


What actually lies here is the most hidden part of his being, his life’s creed, his life’s poetics, with strong symbolic meaning, as a kind of everlasting message to continue the path of cherishing humanness in life as well as in art. Perhaps the best example is one of his most important works, the cycle “Zapisi” ("Scripts") for a bass voice and piano, where Zografski uses texts from the Macedonian medieval scripts.


Zografski was born in Veles on 29 of march 1934. As an extraordinary connoisseur of orchestration and as a perfectionist, enriched the Macedonian music with more than 160 works in all music genres, always in correlation with his own professional and life creed.


His compositions are performed with vey known simphonic and chamber orchestras, soloist, choirs in Russia, Sweden, Greece, Mexico, Soudern Amerika, Australia, New Zeland, Spain, Lituania, France, Gorgia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy and in all culture centers in former Yougoslavia, conducted by conductors as Lovro Matacic, Michael Luig, Peter Stark, Berislav Shipush, Richard Bernas, Tadeush Kozlowsky, Milan Horvat, Samo Hubad, Pavle Deshpalj, Anton Nanut, Lin Daye, Zivojin Zdravkovic, Fimco Muratovski, Angel Shurev, Borjan Canev, Saho Tatarchevski, Sasha Nikolovski-Gjumar.


Despite his compositional work, he made one's mark as pedagogue at Faculty of music art in Skopje. From his master class came composers with international afirmation as Dimitrije Buzarovski, Zivojin Glisic and Jana Andreevska (Skopje), Miroslav Spasov, Pande Shahov and Nikola Kodjabasia (London) and Evdokija Danajlovska (Paris).


He died in Skopje, on 14.th January 2000.


Zografski is a winner of the State “11th October” Achievement Award (1994) and Macedonian Composer Association’s Award “Trajko Prokopiev” (1997).


Other awards

First prize for Oratorio “In praise of Ciryl and Methodius” in University Skopje Competition (1969)
“11th October” award for Oratorio “In praise of Ciryl and Methodius” (1969)
“13th November” Award of City of Skopje for “Passacalia” (1981)
Macedonian Composer Association’s Award “Panche Peshev” for “Skherzo” (1991)
Film Music Award - Golden Arena (1973)
FirstI prize of Yougoslav Radio for “Molitva” (1972)
First prize of MTV for “Karaorman”, “Madrigals” (1979)
Prizes on TEHO (Tetovo Choir Festival) for “Preludium, coral and fantasy”, “We arrived”, "Dont look the river” (1981, 1982)
First Prize for Suita for piano solo of Union of Youth Competition (1961)


Zografski also left behind him long-lasting traces as a pedagogue at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, from 1967 to 2000, educating a whole class of young, now internationally established composers. Dimitrie Buzarovski, Zivoin Glisik and Jana Andreevska live and work in Skopje, Miroslav Spasov, Pande Shahov and Nikola Kodjabasia in London, Evdokija Danajlovska in Paris . . .

Member of Macedonian Composers Association (SOCOM) is from 1956, as student, in 1963/ 64 was his president.
He is a winner of two Achievement Awards: The State Award 11th October and Award of Macedonian Composers Association “Trajko Prokopiev” and many very important awards for compositions and for music for film: State award “11 October” for Oratorio “Prize to Cyril and Methodius” (1969), Award of City of Skopje “13 November” for symphonic poem “Passacaglia” (1981), Award of Macedonian Composers Association “Pance Pesev” for Sonata for two pianos op. 122 (1991), Gold Arena on Pula film festival for music of film “Father” (1973), and many others awards.

After one year his family put memory plate on the family house, where Zografski live from 1963 and in his studio composed the most important compositions.

In 2006 the family established Foundation “Tomislav Zografski” to promote his work as part of Macedonian cultural heritage and support the Macedonian music culture.

His twelve compositions are edited on Phonograph, six chamber compositions more in 2010 were edited on compact disc.
In 2011 Foundation and Ministry of culture of Macedonia, edited  monograph “Life and Work” by Macedonian musicologist Marko  Kolovski.

Zografski's music is permanent on many music stages and festivals in Macedonia, Serbia, Poland, Germany, Chesz Republic, Great Britain, Malaysia, USA, perform by professional musicians, choirs and orchestras, and young musicians as well.

In honour of his jubilee, 80.Th anniversary, in 2014 was organized four concerts dedicated to his work: on Faculty of music art in Skopje and on three international festivals: Ohrid summer, Days of Macedonian music and Zlatna (Golden) lira.
Zografski 's name is on the awards on Faculty of music art in Skopje, International competition of young musicians “Ohrid Pearls” and International Ohrid choir festival.

In 2016, in occasion of his 10.Th anniversary, Foundation   established Grand Prix for exceptional event for affirmation of Zografski's work in Macedonia and abroad.

Part of creative work of Zografski is in the libraries of University of Music "Frédéric Chopin" Warsaw, Music Academy "Karol Shimanowski" Katowice, Faculty of music art Skopje, Faculty of music Begrade, Music Academy in University “Goce Delcev” Stip, Hochschule für Musik Mainz, Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, Music school "M.A.Balakirev" Moscow, Music school "Milenko Zivkovic" Paracin(Serbia), Glazbena šola Idrija (Slovenia), Weitang, Shandonh China Music school, Music school "Stevan Mokranjac" Vranje (Serbia) .